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The secret sauce for serious IG influencers. Boost your content, brand and online presence with the flip of a switch. We provide a fully-managed service so you can focus on what’s important to your continued growth.

Don’t waste time and money on fake followers. Promoting your business page to the right audience is key to a more engaging and enthusiastic following and InstaKICK does just that. We use the latest IG marketing techniques to get you REAL, targeted results. It’s a continuous stream of followers and hundreds of eyes on your content, daily.

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Unlike our competitors, we don’t sell you instant fake followers. We’ve spent time developing specialized marketing techniques to help you see real, targeted, engaged results. Our service is completely hands-free and requires no work from your end – just sign up and watch your account grow.

We use demographic information and target the correct channels to create a solid and ever-growing user base that engages with  your content. Each of your needs are met with an individually tailored approach to the users most interested in what your page promotes. As your following grows, so does your brand’s reputation.

The speed at which you will see results is dependent on whether you have a new Instagram account or an old one. In any case, an InstaKICK subscription is guaranteed to increase your following in the first six months by up to 300%.

Absolutely. Our service uses genuine marketing techniques to deliver real growth to your account. We work well within the constraints of Instagram and do everything to ensure that your account is both safe and secure.