Social Curation Plus⁺

From: $129.00 / month and a $45.00 sign-up fee

Professional content created just for you.

Social Curation Plus⁺ utilizes our top designers and social media managers to make content that’s engaging and looks amazing. Each month you will be able to review what we’ve created through your own private portal.

  • Posts to Instagram each week
  • Professionally designed content
  • Profile styling
  • Hashtag cloud
  • Custom social curation and strategy
  • Regular audience engagement
  • Aesthetic that matches your brand
  • IG accounts with linked FB pages post to both platforms
  • Posting to additional social media platforms is optional
  • (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & more)

Add a Social Media Platform

Post the curated content on additional social media platforms of your choosing. (Optional)

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How it works

Discovery phase

Our social media managers will have a 1 on 1 meeting with you to learn about your goals and figure out a strategy that works for you.

We design the content

Based on your inital meeting, our top designers will create the assets each and every month.

Review the posts

Once the content is ready, you get to review your upcoming posts and hashtags for the month through your very own private portal.

Watch engagement grow

We post regularly at strategic times throughout the week. Sit back and watch your viewership increase.

Professional content designed each month.

With Social Curation Plus⁺ you get a continual stream of fresh content for social media.

Posting regularly can be a full time job, especially when running your own business. 

Your personal IG curator will work with you on a regular basis, as we create quality content and post at peak engagement times. The curated materials are 100% owned by you and can be used across multiple social media platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, to engage audiences and increase your exposure.